+ Low overhead
> No employees
> No buildings
> No or limited paper mail
> No payments to third party registry companies
> No credit card costs
+ Use of the Internet œ Website (www.MurrayGreyFoundation.com) for:
> Registry Wizard Program
* Create Registrations by member/animal owner
* Edit Registrations by member/animal owner
* Display and Print Registrations of animals that member owns
* Transfer Animal Ownership by member/animal owner
* Display listing of basic animal registry information
* Display and Print multigenerational genealogy
* For Phase II Registry development (under member/owner control)
** Enter additional performance and genetic information
** Allow or disallow public viewing of additional information
> Communication
* Code of Regulations
* Bylaws
* Updates œ News (for the membership)
* Updates œ News (for the public)
* Animal Health and Disease Information
* Research Reports
* Membership Directory with postal, email, and website addresses, phone/fax
numbers, etc.
For additional details about the MGF and the MGF Registry visit the website --
The MGF will use bequeaths, grants and other sources to conduct, fund, and
publish research to advance the Murray Grey Breed. Benefactors/heirs may sit on the
Boards overseeing such studies. It is anticipated that the MGF will be fully US tax
exempt to encourage such efforts.
The purposes of the MGF are to:
+ Provide a worldwide MG Registry, and
+ Foster and publish research and studies regarding MGs: including health, diseases,
nutrition, crossbreeding, performance, genetics, etc.
(See MGF website for details œ under Articles of Incorporation.)
The MGF encourages local, regional, and national organizations in their MG promotions
including: shows, marketing, alliances, and sales. However, MGF will not directly
participate in such activities to avoid potential negative affects on the MGF‘s US IRS Tax
Exempt status. (See US Tax Code publications.)
How can the MGF offer so much at such a low a cost?
How can the MGF offer so much at such a low a cost?
What is meant by MG Research?
What is meant by MG Research?
Are there other purposes of the MGF?
Are there other purposes of the MGF?