Short answer: Follow directions on the website (
More detailed answer: From the website, read and review the MGF Code of
Regulations and the Bylaws so that you more fully understand the organization, the
current rules, the plans for the future, and rules that take effect in the future. Printout
the Membership Application Form and fill it out. Then mail in the completed
Membership Application Form along with your payment check. Note that you can pay
multiple annual fees in advance. One advantage of paying for several years in advance
is that you would not be bothered with annual bills.
As soon as you receive notification of membership approval, check to see if the sires
and dams that you use are in the MGF Registry database. If they are not there, then
send in the required information about them. Generally a copy of a Registration
Certificate from another MG organization is sufficient. If that is not available, then send
in the equivalent information contact the MGF if you need help.
As soon as you are notified that your the baseline genealogy has been successfully
installed in the MGF Registry data base, you can begin registering and transferring your
Send Applications and fees for Membership as shown below:
For all countries, particularly for Canada:
Tim Gladwin MGF Vice President & Treasurer
RR 3
3194 Concession 9 North
Pakenham, Ontario
Canada KOA 2X0
For all countries, particularly for USA:
John Wozny MGF Secretary & Administrator
PO Box 112
Coolville, Ohio 45723
The MGF President is Joel Haddad, Carmen Garcete 745, Asuncion 1760, Paraguay.
How do I join?
How do I join?