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The Murray Grey Foundation
The Murray Grey Foundation
MGF Membership Application
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Farm or Group Name:________________________________________________________
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Postal Address: ____________________________________________________________
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US$60 One-time setup fee
+US$30 1 yr. Annual fee (covers Jan. 1 through Dec. 31 no prorating.)
(+US$30 x number of additional years (nine maximum) of membership advanced payment)
US$______________ State amount submitted (minimum is US$90; maximum is US$360)
(For all countries, particularly for Canada:)
Tim Gladwin
MGF Vice President & Treasurer
RR 3
3194 Concession 9 North
Pakenham, Ontario
Canada KOA 2X0
(For all countries, particularly for USA:)
John Wozny
MGF Secretary & Administrator
PO Box 112
Coolville, Ohio 45723
Send Application and Payment to: